The internet loves minimalist posters. Putting that phrase into a Google image search will bring back hundreds of thousands of results, with artists crafting recognizable one-sheets using only small-but-recognizable details. There aren't any floating heads, big explosions or crappy Photoshop. Now the folks behind Steve McQueen's Shame have put that concept to use in a poster released over on THR. Check it out below or see it over there in high-res.

Sure, it's subtle and people who don't know what the film is about will have no idea why they are looking at a poster of a bed, but if their curiosity leads to research they could get at least a few people interested. It's risky and risque, but it's also fantastic.

In Shame Michal Fassbender stars as Brandon, a sex addict living in New York City. While he does everything in his power to control his temptations, his system is disrupted when his sister (Carey Mulligan) surprises him with a visit and decides to stay indefinitely. Following its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival Fox Searchlight picked up the movie for distribution and has scheduled it to be released on December 2nd.

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