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Guys, I was an English major in college, and I've gotta confess-- I had no idea George Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War. The 1984 author apparently traveled with his wife, Eileen, to fight Stalinism (makes sense, given that book's themes), and from there joined the Anarchist brigade to fight in the Spanish Civil War.

Crazy, right? This whole story will be told in Catalonia, an adaptation of Orwell's book about the experience that will star Colin Firth and Kevin Spacey. No word on which of them will play Orwell, but Variety reports that the movie will focus on the relationship between Orwell and Georges Kopp, the commander of the Anarchist brigade. Kopp was Belgian and Orwell British, so if I have to guess I'd give Firth home field advantage and figure he'll play the Englishman.

Hugh Hudson, who made I Dreamed of Africa and Chariots of Fire, is on board to direct, handling some intense historical material once again.