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Comedy Script Written By Natalie Portman Opens With Underage Sex

As incredibly hilarious as yesterday's Your Highness redband trailer was, one of the funnier aspects is external. Thanks to their respective performances in Black Swan and 127 Hours, both Natalie Portman and James Franco have been recipients of hefty Oscar buzz in the two main acting categories and just showed up in a 3 minute video laced with expletives and masturbation jokes. Apparently, however, the depths of Portman's raunchiness go even deeper.

Hollywood Elsewhere has heard a few details about the script written by Portman and partner Laura Moses titled B.Y.O., a project that's described as a female-led Superbad, and apparently it doesn't waste any time getting to the good stuff. The story centers on two main characters - Lucy and Al - who are polar opposites on the sex scale, the former being completely obsessed with it and the latter being "more or less level-headed." According to the article, it doesn't take more than five pages before Lucy is giving a blow job to a fifteen year old boy and gets caught by the boy's mother.

The report also says that the script doesn't get much more vulgar than that, but, still, underage oral is one hell of a way to start a movie. I guess it just wasn't enough for Portman to be stunningly beautiful and a terrific actress - she just had to be awesome as well.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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