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The Cinema Blend team has returned to their homes or are on their way there, saying goodbye to another crazy year of San Diego Comic Con and hoping to spend the entire next 365 days sleeping to recover in time for next year. But just because the Con is over doesn't mean there's not time for one more photo gallery of all the wild costumes that make Comic Con such a unique experience. On Sunday morning, while Kelly liveblogged the Glee panel, I took to the show floor to take one last round of costume photos, with attendees still as eager to pose and be photographed as they were on Day 1. Some highlights in this batch include a Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers couple, a lady Captain America in a very short skirt, the tiniest Tron cosplayer you've ever seen, and a pair of wicked Disney queens. It's a small gallery, but take a look below anyway as we finally start wrapping up Comic Con 2011.