Comic Con 2011: First Look At Concept Art From The Seventh Son And Paradise Lost

I was liveblogging what went down at the panel for Legendary Entertainment, and if you want the blow-by-blow details of what Guillermo del Toro, Jeff Bridges and Bradley Cooper have been talking about, check that out here. You might have also caught this shot showing off the logo and title treatment for Pacific Rim and one bit of concept art for Paradise Lost. But that was just the tip of the concept iceberg-- for the full collection of concept art from The Seventh Son and Paradise Lost, take a look below. The Seventh Son is an adaptation of a fantasy novel, starring Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes and directed by Mongol's Sergei Bodrov. Dark City director Alex Proyas is adapting Milton's Paradise Lost, which will star Bradley Cooper as Lucifer.

You can check out all the concept art below, snapped from the screen in the middle of the hall-- yes, hopefully we'll be getting some sharper high-res images soon. Get your first look at what to expect from all of these movies below.



Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend