Pacific Rim: Uprising Director Reveals His Plans To Crossover With Godzilla And The MonsterVerse

Gipsy Avenger and Godzilla side by side

The moment that the world feasted its eyes upon the Legendary-produced reboot of Godzilla, nothing was ever going to be the same. With the company also having a hand in bringing the Pacific Rim franchise to life, the crossover potential between the Titans and Kaiju in the MonsterVerse has always been a keen point of discussion for fans to talk out from time to time. Today is no exception, as Pacific Rim: Uprising director Steven DeKnight is stirring the pot in a rather exciting way by revealing his intention to make such a showdown happen.

Steven DeKnight isn’t just blowing smoke here, as the man apparently had a plan for Pacific Rim 3 that would have setup the possibility of Godzilla throwing down with Gipsy Avenger. But, as we saw with the performance of Pacific Rim: Uprising at the box office, those best laid plans never happened. Still, DeKnight took to Twitter with his teasing words of what could have been:

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When we last left Pacific Rim: Uprising, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps was about to take the fight to the Precursors after foiling their latest efforts to exterminate all life on Earth through their Kaiju army. Keeping that in mind, there’s a small hint as to how all of this Godzilla madness could have collided with the Pacific Rim universe, and it comes down to a word we all know and love: multiverse. Seeing as Godzilla and Pacific Rim are in the same family on the Legendary lot, all that would have had to happen was for Warner Bros and Universal to have played ball, and a trip across the dimensional rift could have seen Pacific Rim 3 help lead to a knockdown prize fight of epic proportions.

It’s an idea that some folks still want to see happen, as original Pacific Rim architect Guillermo del Toro expressed interest, as a fan, in seeing such things happen. No one’s immune to this particular match-up being employed to rock the world, as seen with the recent reaction to Godzilla vs. Kong’s big trailer rollout. Even we here at CinemaBlend have been happy to build a case for that sort of action to come down the pike, and frankly, it’s hard to imagine anyone who’s into Large Scale Aggressors, and the mechs that fight them, not co-signing such a crossover.

Should Godzilla vs. Kong put up the sort of numbers Warner Bros and Legendary want to see it rack up at the end of March, perhaps there’s a chance that this big world moving crossover could still happen. For now, we’ll just have to be happy that we’ve got a showdown of Titans to look forward to in the near future, and hope that somehow the rift between Pacific Rim and Godzilla opens some fateful day.

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