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At last year's Comic Con Guillermo del Toro promised to the crowd that Pacific Rim, which was going into production that fall, would be all about "giant fucking robots vs. giant fucking monsters"-- and the crowd, of course, got crazy excited. This year he followed up on that promise by showing off the first footage from Pacific Rim, and by all accounts he brought down the house-- no small feat on a day that also included footage from Iron Man 3 and the announcement of a secret Godzilla movie.

Before del Toro stepped in front of the adoring Comic Con crowd, though, I caught up with him briefly to talk about Pacific Rim, particularly the parts of the story that are deeper than giant monsters vs. robots, and how he managed to incorporate a lot of practical effects into a movie about creatures that are the size of skyscrapers. Check out what he had to say about making the movie as personal as possible, barely an hour before he dazzled the crowd in Hall H.

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