The upcoming comic book adaptation RED had a big day today at Comic Con. The trailer they premiered was fantastic, Helen Mirren got plenty of attention with her Harvey Pekar shirt, Karl Urban wowed the crowed with a vivacious “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?” and Bruce Willis was a class act as always. The reaction around the whole convention has been immensely positive, but we all know what happens to good things in Hollywood: they get sequels.

Speaking at a press conference following the panel, the question of sequels came up and Cully Hammer, the illustrator of the original graphic novel, mentioned that he is currently both writing and drawing a prequel titled RED Eyes Only. But just because the source material has a prequel doesn’t mean that a film is to follow. For that, the conversation turned to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura:
I think, from the film side, the audience has to vote. We all enjoyed it a lot and think they’re great characters. I’d certainly like to see them all act together again. But you have to wait to see how everyone responds to the film. It was a great experience, you can see that we’re all very fond of each other, and these characters really came to life so we hope that we get the opportunity to do it again

Unlike some other comic book adaptations, RED despite its absolutely stellar cast, isn’t a guaranteed hit at the box office. It is good to know that someone out there is actually listening to public opinion. It’s just too bad that they are likely doing it by looking at their bank accounts.

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