Swedish director Mikael Håfström, best known for the horror thriller The Rite and 1408, is contemplating an upcoming project titled The Tomb, with action icon Sylvester Stallone interested in the lead role. But it’s Stallone’s potential co-star that has the Internet buzzing this afternoon.

First, let’s get to what we know. Håfström is in talks to take on Tomb, which was written by Miles Champman and at one point was going to be made by Antoine Fuqua with Bruce Willis in the lead. Deadline, in reporting the story, says that Tomb centers on the designer of an impenetrable prison who must work against his own creation when he’s framed and improperly jailed by an antagonist.

Here’s where things get interesting. Harry Knowles, over at Ain’t It Cool, tosses out that Arnold Schwarzenegger – who also circled the lead role in The Tomb at one point – is interested in co-starring with Stallone in the film. Knowles has very trusted sources when it comes to each of those actors. In fact, it sounds like Knowles was on his way back from the set of Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand when he got this news, and Stallone’s a regular contributor to the site. So if Harry says it’s close to happening, I’d choose to believe it.

And why not? These titans of the action genre keep finding new ways to work together. They’ll both be in The Expendables 2. My only question is whether the role that Schwarzenegger is eyeing is big enough to merit his inclusion. Let’s hope it’s more than the cameo Sly slipped “The Governator” for the Expendables franchise.

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