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Criminal Minds Stars Kickstarting Comedy Noir Kill Me Deadly

With the outstanding success of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign, other moderately famous folks have been following suit, setting up pages for their pet projects, and asking fans to kick in funding. It's been a polarizing issue with critics decrying stars who could find funding via traditional channels (established production companies and deep-pocketed backers), and fans insisting they welcome the opportunity to help fund films they want to see. Scrubs star Zach Braff became the poster boy for this debate while getting his project fully funded, while Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart tried and failed to get her would-be rom-com backed. Now, Variety reports on two more TV stars who are asking for the financial support of viewers like you.

Kirsten Vangsness and Joe Mantegna of Criminal Minds have been working to turn the 2009 celebrated stage production of Kill Me, Deadly! into a feature film. The comedy noir that starred Vangsness, Mantegna, Dean Lamont and Lesley-Anne Down, is set in 1947 Hollywood and follows a clueless detective on a case of a missing—and cursed!—diamond. Pulling inspiration from Billy Wilder's noir classics and the decadence of early Hollywood, Kill Me, Deadly! looks to put a comical spin on the age of glaring gangsters, dapper detectives, and femme fatales.

At this point, their movie adaptation is half-finished with 40-50% of the film shot. But to get that second half shot, they have turned to Kickstarter to score the $200,000 needed to complete its creation. And they don't want to go to studios for backing because after all the time, energy and work they've put into the project—their "beautiful art baby"—they don't want to give up creative control of their labor of love.

But why should you kick in for Kill Me, Deadly? Well, if you're not convinced by their energetic promo vid above—which features some of the already shot footage and the cast and crew pitching its worth—you might be intrigued by their incentives. Along with titles like Private Dick, Tough Guy, Flat Foot, Femme Fatale, and Sleuth, you can get an array of awards. The low end has items ranging from fashion tips, to production e-book, a download of the movie's original song "Rainbow Dream," or a digital download of the final film. But big spenders can pay out several grand to party with the film's stars, a game night with the cast, or a private tour of the Criminal Minds set.

Kiss Me Deadly Poster

Interested? Then, check out their Kickstarter.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.