Crispin Glover's Movie

Crispin Glover is a frickin loon and he’s not afraid to show it. He’s a fantastic actor… when he’s doing someone elses project. You may remember him from such films as Back to the Future, Willard, or Charlie’s Angels (in which he was the only bright spot). Well those are just movies Crispin does to finance his own weird, bizarre, slightly mad projects. I don’t mean MAD in a good, fun way either. Crispin has some really wild ideas about the world and a good many of them lead to total anarchy… or possibly turning the United States into a nudist colony. Crispin doesn’t care about or like movies such as Willard, he just does them now and then for the cash.

Ok, you’ve been warned. The guy is simultaneously genius and a total wacko. Don’t send me emails pretending you “get” him. You don’t and if you do, you scare me, please stay away. In fact, read no further The trailer for his latest movie is here, and it’s completely insane.

The film is entitled quite appropriately What is it?. Should you watch that the trailer (or indeed I suspect the movie as well) that’s a question you’ll be asking for a very very long time, though perhaps with a “the hell” thrown in after the “What”. It defies description, you’ll just have to watch it. However… be warned, this trailer contains NUDITY. Not just NUDITY but bizarre nudity and dangling boobs. Beware.