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The Croods Sequel Moving Forward At DreamWorks Animation

Because Hollywood hasn’t yet figured out how to reboot The Flintstones (thereby squeezing dollars out of our nostalgia), we’re going to have to settle for more adventures with the next best thing.

DreamWorks Animation has revealed, via The Hollywood Reporter, that plans are in place for The Croods 2, furthering the story of a prehistoric family led by Nicolas Cage and Catherine Keener. The trade says that original writer-directors Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders will return to the animated franchise to explore the next chapter in the Croods family, and at the moment, the studio is “in negotiations” with the rest of the key vocal talents to lock them up for a sequel. That means Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman likely are in for a massive payday.

And why not? The Croods did very well at the box office, posting $144 million in domestic ticket sales plus an additional $242 million overseas. Those are solid numbers for an animated franchise that had no recognition from familiar characters prior to release. There’s reason to expect that a Croods sequel would do even better now that audience members know the characters and are interested to see where they go next.

It’s also worth noting that Croods performed well opposite Oz the Great and Powerful, which ran in theaters roughly at the same time and was snatching up family dollars en route to a healthy $220M domestic take. If DWA was smart – and they often are – they’ll better position the Croods sequel to hit theaters at a time when it doesn’t face such stiff family competition. More on the sequel as it develops.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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