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Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Likes Ghostbusters 3 Just Fine

I imagine you're as sick of I am of hearing various rumors about Ghostbusters 3 from the stars of the original film, none of whom can seem to agree with each other on whether or not the script is any good or even if the movie will happen. In one corner we've got cranky Bill Murray, who two weeks ago claimed there wasn't a script at all. In the other we have cheerleader Dan Aykroyd, who gets asked about the movie everywhere he goes and usually responds with something optimistic about the script or the idea to include new Ghostbusters.

So score one in the "optimism" column, as Aykroyd ran into reporters from New York Magazine and told them that Bill Murray in fact likes the script. And as for actually getting the movie made, "I think we're closer than we've ever been. Two years ago, I would've said there was no chance. Now it's looking pretty good."

And while we've known for a while that there would be new, young Ghostbusters, and some of them would be female, Aykroyd expressed his ideal gender mix for the team: "I hope it's a nice mix, maybe two guys and two girls. We'll find some great young actors. We're probably going to search for unknowns." So four Ghostbusters, just like the original team? Works for us, but we'll still only believe this movie when we see Aykroyd and company back in costume.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend