Darren Aronofsky is likely known for the darker tone of his movies, with films like Requiem For a Dream, and more recently Black Swan among his directing credits. This causes me to wonder what we might expect from Paramount Pictures and New Regency’s Noah, which Aronosky is set to direct.

We learned back in February that the film was happening, and that Russell Crowe was in talks to play the famous ark-builder depicted in the Old Testament of the bible. And as of last month, the film was scheduled to begin production this July. Now it looks like Paramount has a release date set for it, but don’t expect to see it on the big screen anytime soon. In fact, we’ll be waiting nearly two years for this one to hit theaters. The release date for Noah is set for March 28, 2014.

As Deadline notes, the film will reunite Russell Crowe with John Logan who, in addition to co-writing the screenplay for Noah, was also among the writers of Gladiator. It’ll be as interesting to see Crowe’s take on Noah as it is to see how Aronofsky tells the story, which follows a man who’s tasked by God to build an ark to preserve mankind in anticipation of a giant flood.

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