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We've been talking about a modern adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for years now, with McG planning it at one point, The Rock attached at another point, and for the last three years David Fincher attempting to make it-- though, of course, he got distracted by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and House of Cards in the meantime. Now Fincher is once again trying to make steps toward making it happen, but contrary to some reports, he won't be bringing one of his longtime collaborators with him.

Digging into the tax incentives Australia will be offering to try and lure the production to their shores, THR learned that Brad Pitt is not set to star, though their rival Variety reported he would last fall. The project has not been given a green light at Disney, but studio executives are meeting with Australia's federal arts minister Simon Crean to talk about details of the incentive, which could refund them $19.2 million of their production costs. That's almost a drop in the bucket compared to the massive budget for a film like this, but hey, every little bit helps.

It still seems a little bizarre that the intellectual, hyper-controlling David Fincher might move on to a giant blockbuster remake, but he's clearly a guy who chooses his projects carefully, and there must be something in there that draws him. It would be a fantastic bonus if he could manage to get his old pal Brad Pitt on board, but the promise of a Fincher-directed ocean epic is probably enough to get most of us to buy tickets. And since we've been looking forward to it for three years now, is this finally time for it to actually happen?
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