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Last summer Gone Girl was the book that nobody could put down, pulling millions of readers who normally might not be into noir or mysteries into its twisted, compulsively readable narrative. I was one of the many who suffered, blowing off pretty much all commitments for several days while obsessively turning the pages, and having more than a few nightmares about our "heroes" Nick and Amy, two seemingly normal people caught in one of the world's worst marriages.

Gillian Flynn's novel was optioned for a film adaptation in the middle of all that buzz last summer, and early this year David Fincher started considering the project. It seemed like an ideal Girl with the Dragon Tattoo story for the director, another twisted tale with an irresistible female protagonist. And now, according to Deadline, Fincher is finally buckling down and "getting serious" about actually making it.

Reese Witherspoon is still attached, but it now seems she'll produce instead of starring-- even though she'd be spectacular in the role of the type-A Amy. Now we're left to wonder which actress will sign on to the plum role, and if there will be an endless casting-derby like Fincher had for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo lead. It's entirely possible he'll turn to his old pal Rooney Mara to play Amy, but the character in the book is written as older, so I'm hoping he'll turn to an actress a bit older-- Amy Adams? Jessica Chastain?-- to take on the kind of part any actress would kill to be able to knock out of the park.