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David Fincher, the man behind memorable music videos like Madonna's Express Yourself, not to mention Fight Club and Zodiac, is working hard to get his passion project Heavy Metal off the ground again, two years after Paramount dropped the project, according to Deadline. Only this time around, he's got a little bit more muscle behind him.

The project is billed as an anthology much in the vein of the 1981 original animated film, bringing the "World's Foremost Adult Illustrated Fantasy Magazine" to life. That all means it'll be hard-edged, loud, sexy, and as in-your-face as you could ever hope for a movie to be. Fincher has several directors lined up to put together segments of the film, most notably James Cameron, Zack Snyder (300 and Watchmen for the uninitiated) and himself.

Bringing on the highest-grossing film director of all time will certainly get financiers and distributors to look at Heavy Metal in a different light. At some point Cameron will surely say, "I want to do my bit in 3D," so expect most of if not all of this film to penetrate your theater as violently as possible. The entirety of Heavy Metal will use 3D animation, but no word on if it will be performance capture or Pixar-style animation.

Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman and Pirates director Gore Verbinski were originally set to direct segments when it was still housed at Paramount, but the game has changed and there's no word on their current involvement. More on this as writers and directors climb on board.

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