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Digital Jeff Bridges On The Loose In Canada!

This may seem like a very insignificant Tron 2.0 story, but stick with me because it’s kind of a big deal. According to io9 Jeff Bridges is going to Canada to be digitized.

Astute readers and serious Tron fans are probably wondering: Why would they need a digitized Jeff Bridges, since the humans in Tron aren’t supposed to be computer generated? Only their surrounding are. And that’s why this story is a big deal.

Till now we’ve known almost nothing real or concrete about Tron 2.0, in particular that’s true with regards to Jeff’s role in the film. So here’s a big clue. They’re digitizing him because they need a younger Flynn in the movie, and since it’s no longer 1982 Jeff Bridges has a few wrinkles. So they’ll digitally de-age him, and slap that younger face on a body double.

So that suggests a lot of crazy plot possibilities. Here’s the one that makes the most sense to me. Flynn left some residual trace of himself inside the computer while he was in it. Now it’s 2009 and he has of course, aged. But that residual trace has developed into a full fledged computer program and being a computer program it would not, of course, age. So you’d have modern day Flynn on the outside watching a younger Flynn on the inside… doing whatever it is that they have him doing. Actually there’s a lot of speculation that the Flynn in the machine may be the villain, which makes a lot of sense, but we’ll see. It’s all conjecture at the moment, but fun conjecture for a lifelong Tron fan. Yeah, that’s me. So maybe I’m only entertaining myself.