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Join me on a journey back in time, will you, to the long-lost time of 2007, when Roman Polanski, believe it or not, was planning a $100 million disaster epic about Mount Vesuvius. And it was going to star Scarlett Johansson and Orlando Bloom. And it was really a movie that was really going to happen, until Polanski abruptly walked away that September, citing fears about the upcoming writer's strike but maybe also realizing, "Good Lord, I bet I can just make The Ghost Writer instead and have a much easier time of it."

Four years later the story of Mount Vesuvius and the lost city of Pompeii has been revived, and in the hands of someone who's much more likely to make the bombastic disaster epic of your dreams: Paul W.S. Anderson. The Resident Evil and Three Musketeers director will reunite with his Musketeers distributor Summit Entertainment to make Pompeii, a historical disaster film with more than a few shades of Titanic in its plot. Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: a young lower-class man falls for a rich woman, who is already engaged to a wealthy and corrupt man. When disaster strikes the two lovers are separated, and he must fight his way through the unfolding chaos to find her again. Cue the Celine Dion!

This time the hero character is a slave, his beloved is his master's daughter and the evil fiancee is a corrupt Roman Senator; of course the disaster that strikes isn't an iceberg, but a giant erupting volcano spewing lava over the entire city. Basically the stakes have been raised to even more ridiculous levels, and you can be sure that there's at least a small part of Paul W.S. Anderson that's thinking "Yeah, Cameron, I can top that." As a professed sucker for any and all disaster movies, no matter how absurd-sounding, I welcome this movie with open arms, especially now that Roland Emmerich has moved on to making a Shakespeare movie-- no, really-- and we need someone to fill the void. Anderson plans to shoot Pompeii in spring of 2012, and while there's no cast set yet, I'd bet a chunk of money on a part for his wife Milla Jovovich.