Disney Big Wigs Shoot Down A 3D Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Disney has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Tron got things started back in 1982, becoming the first movie to involve full sequences of CG, followed in 1995 by Toy Story, with the help of Pixar, that put computer animation on a whole new level. However, in the case of America’s mysterious infatuation with 3D, Disney missed the early boat, says the Toronto Sun.

Corporate hot shots failed to recognize the appeal of 3D a few years back when The Sorcerer’s Apprentice began filming, the multi-billion dollar Avatar having not yet dropped as an example of where the technology is going. This decision was made outside of the circle of filmmakers actually working on the film and instead was made in an office by a bunch of suits. Director Jon Turteltaub says:

"We said 'This is a perfect 3D movie,' And they said, 'Oh, that's silly. No one's doing 3D. And it's a waste of money.' True story."

Thank the gods that Jerry Bruckheimer has a solid head on his shoulders as he at least had the presence of mind to NOT convert the upcoming Nic Cage starrer in post production, citing Clash of the Titans as his reason for just letting Apprentice be 2D. He is, though, currently filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D.

As often as we here at CB speak out against the overuse of the 3D gimmick, it pains me to hear about Hollywood honchos holding back the artists that are actually pouring their blood, sweat and tears into a film. Sure the technology has evolved since Avatar so The Sorcerer’s Apprentice would probably have not looked great in 3D, nor would it have made nearly as much money, but if that’s what the director wanted to do, they should have let him do it. One lesson learned for the usually sharp-as-a-tack Disney.