Disneyland's Matterhorn Ride Becoming A Movie

Disney’s been looking for that next ride to turn into their next mega-movie franchise for awhile now. They tried it with The Haunted Mansion, but Eddie Murphy couldn’t pull off the Captain Jack Sparrow necessary to make that into a Pirates-like franchise. Now they’re trying it with the Matterhorn.

That’s right, Disney is turning their Matterhorn rollercoaster into a feature film. At least Pirates and Haunted Mansion were based on rides which sort of had a story element to them. This is pretty much just a really nice bobsled ride. They’ve got one of those over at Six Flags Over Texas, only theirs uses actual bobsleds, but doesn’t have an identifiable brand name or the growling animatronic snowmen Disney recently stuck near its track.

So how do you turn a bobsled ride into a feature film? You ignore the ride and just make some sort of vaguely arctic themed movie with abominable snowmen, I’d guess. THR says the plan is for the movie screenwriter Jason Dean Hall creates to be a fast-paced film centered on “young adventure seekers” who encounter Yeti on their way down from a mountaintop.

It’s kind of a shame this movie isn’t being based on the Six Flags bobsled rid instead of the Disney one, actually. Six Flags has the rights to the Looney Tunes cartoon characters, you’ll see Bugs Bunny and the gang all over the park. That means if they were making this movie, they’d be able to use this guy as their Yeti star:

Bring in that guy and I start getting interested in this movie. Until then, let’s wait and see what comes of this Matterhorn. Hopefully not one sort of alright movie and then an interminable series of increasingly awful, CGI-infested sequels set in the Caribbean. That probably won’t be a problem, Yetis don’t normally do well in the tropics.

Josh Tyler