As we get further and further into 2013 we'll start getting more and more answers to our movie-related questions, but one big one that remains floating in the air is the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's character in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness. While he has been "identified" as a man named John Harrison, it's widely believed that name is simply a moniker hiding his true identity. We've already heard more than enough speculation, with fans tossing around names like Khan and Gary Mitchell, but today brings a new theory to the table.

*Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead. Tread Carefully!*

IDW has published the first issue of the Star Trek Into Darkness comic series that will lead into the new movie, and Bleeding Cool is theorizing that the final splash page could be a hint at the film's villain:

For those who can't read the text, that's Robert April, who, in Trek lore, was the Enterprise's first captain.Arguably, this doesn't seem like much - it could just be the writers wanting to include a character that fans know who could add to the story they are telling in the comics. But what makes it interesting is some evidence that HitFix picked up on late last year. While on a tour of the Bad Robot headquarters (the same trip that I was on) the site discovered some production art featuring the giant gun held by Cumberbatch's character in the trailer. And the drawing was labeled "April's Gatling Gun."

As for the character's older appearance, Bleeding Cool explains that away by saying a) that "David Messina’s art is interpretive, not photo realistic," and that b) the character's original appearance on the Star Trek animated series featured a plot about characters aging backwards. There's also the fact that this is Star Trek, meaning that cloning and/or strange medical procedures aren't off the table.

One detail not covered by the speculation is how Robert April fits into the timeline created by the 2009 reboot. In that film we see both Pike and Kirk as Captain of the Enterprise, but considering we also see the Enterprise being built it's hard to figure out when April would have his time at the helm. It's possible that it was during the three year time period when Kirk was being trained at Star Fleet, and it's possible that he's talking about a different ship called Enterprise. Presumably the question will be answered in the second issue of the comic.

Do you think it's possible that Cumberbatch will be playing Robert April in Star Trek Into Darkness? Leave your thoughts, concerns, queries and ideas in the comments section below.

Update:: The Facebook page Star Trek Logs has pointed out that another possibility is that Robert April will be played by Peter Weller, who we also haven't really heard anything about yet. Do you think he looks like the drawing?

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