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The Dogs Of Babel Adaptation Gets A Director

Just yesterday I was commenting on all of Steve Carell’s upcoming projects, including his recently cast role as a mastermind bank robber in the action comedy Conviction. There’s another film on the horizon that Carell has been attached to for a while now, which now has a director.

Back in February, we reported that Steve Carell was set to star in a film adaptation of Carolyn Parkhurst’s novel The Dogs of Babel. Going on my non-expert knowledge of the Old Testament, I’m going to suggest that the title’s a loose reference to the biblical Tower of Babel and has something to do with languages. Given that the character Carell is set to play is a linguist, I’d say there’s a good chance of that. The book follows a linguist named Paul Iverson whose wife is murdered. The only witness is his dog Lorelei. In dealing with his grief, Paul tries to teach the dog to speak, hoping to learn who killed his wife.

?According to Deadline, Carell is also set to produce the film through his production company Carousel Productions, with David Heyman (Heyman Films) and Sekretagent Productions’ Dooma Wendschuh. Today’s news is that John Carney is set to direct the film. The Irish director’s credits include the Irish film Once and a TV series called Bachelors Walk. He also has another film coming up called The Rafters, which he’s credited for writing in addition to directing.

Deadline doesn’t say when The Dogs of Babel will get going, but Steve Carell seems busier than ever lately, with numerous upcoming projects including Despicable Me 2, Burt Wonderstone, and Great Hope Springs, which is listed as currently filming. It’ll be interesting to see where Dogs fits into his schedule.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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