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It might not be the hippest or the biggest of the movies remaining to come out this summer, but I'll admit I'm pretty excited about Going the Distance, the relationship comedy starring on-again, off-again couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long as a pair who decide to give a long-distance relationship a shot. I like both of them and really like a decent romantic comedy, and something that might potentially combine those things is a movie I'm perfectly happy to see.

The new one-sheet for the film doesn't really give us all that much to go on-- it's a little quirky and different but also a pretty simple cuddly image-- but come on, don't we all wish Justin Long would lean us against a brick wall and smile at us like that? No? Just me? Fine then-- you can't be my plus-one when this movie finally comes out and my summer ends perfectly. Going the Distance hits theaters August 27; if you're intrigued by the poster below, check out the trailer that hit a while back.