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Emma Roberts And Joe Manganiello Parody The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

With the David Fincher directed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo set to hit theaters in a couple of weeks, some humorous takes on the much anticipated film have surfaced online. For example, fans of NBC’s Community might appreciate the trailer someone put together for the film, using scenes from Community. Meanwhile, Funny Or Die enlisted some familiar faces to parody the film with this video.

Emma Roberts stars in the video below as the Girl with the Tramp Stamp Tattoo, which also features True Blood’s Joe Manganiello, Robocop's Ray Wise and Childrens Hospital's Brian Huskey. Roberts' character wafts grace and classiness with every line...

Somehow, I don’t expect the phrase “jagershits” to make it into the actual movie. But kudos to Roberts for showing off her funny side, and to Manganiello, Huskey and Wise for keeping such straight faces throughout the whole thing.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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