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Emmy Winner Jason Katims On The Chances For A Friday Night Lights Movie

The Emmy’s were good to Friday Night Lights, taking two big awards, one of which went to series executive producer Jason Katims for his outstanding writing on the drama series. From what Katims had to say after winning his award, this can only be good for the chances of a FNL film. Or technically, another film, if we’re counting the one that preceded the series.

Friday Night Lights received partial credit for a job well done last night at the Emmy’s, taking the Writing award, and Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series (awarded to Kyle Chandler). The series missed the Outstanding Drama Series award, and Connie Britton didn’t win for Outstanding Actress in a Drama, however the two awards it did win could certainly help boost interest in the film.

After Katims claimed his Emmy, he spoke with briefly about the fate of the film, which may be in the works. When asked of the series’ big night at the Emmys could improve the chances of the film being made, Katims sounded hopeful, saying:

“Absolutely, I think it could help. To me, the thing that was most moving about tonight was just hearing the audience’s response [to the wins]. It tells me people are still passionate about the show and, even though it’ll take us a little while to get a movie out, they will still remember it. I would really love to do it. And I know [fellow exec producer] Peter Berg would love to do it.” Katims added that he’s currently “breaking the story” for the movie. “I’m back in the world of Dillon, Texas. But until I have an actual script, nothing can happen.”

I’m one episode into Friday Night Lights and thus, in no position to speculate on what the film might actually be about, beyond the assumption that it will resume the drama of Dillon, Texas is some more self-contained form. Regardless, given the evolution of the story from the book, to the film, to the TV show, it would be very interesting to see how it progressed when returning to the big screen.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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