Eric Bana May Star In Beware The Night, From The Director Of Sinister

Jerry Bruckheimer has a reputation in the film world for directing big family-friendly adventure movies, but now he's taking a bit of his television experience - where he's produced gritty, dramatic television shows like CSI and Without A Trace - to the big screen. The producer is now set to make Beware The Night a new paranormal police thriller.

Variety says that Scott Derrickson, who impressed a good number of critics earlier this year with his horror film Sinister, is directing the movie, which follows a cop in New York who "investigates demonic possessions, exorcisms and other supernatural occurrences." The trade says that Eric Bana is currently in talks to play the lead role.

This is actually the second time that Derrickson has been attached to the material. When Jerry Bruckheimer Films first purchased the rights to the book that the project is based on (authored by Ralph Sarchie) the company hired Derrickson and his partner Paul Harris Boardman were the first hired to adapt it. The trade says that the screenplay went through David Ayer, Bryan Bertino and Bruce C. McKenna, only now to find itself back in the hands of the guy who worked on it in the first place. Hollywood is funny sometimes, isn't it?

Derrickson will be doing another draft of the script, but the trade doesn't say when the project is looking to start bringing together more actors and roll camera. The film doesn't have a distributor as of yet, but Screen Gems is currently considering it.

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