Roland Emmerich has probably killed more people that any director in the history of humanity. Whether it's unleashing a giant lizard on New York in Godzilla or freezing the Eastern seaboard in The Day After Tomorrow, he's got a thing for destruction on a mass scale-- and he knows you like it too. With 2012 he's giving disaster movie fans all they ever wanted, death and destruction on a scale bigger than anything he, or anyone, has ever attempted.

What like about Roland Emmerich, aside from the over-the-top enjoyment his movies bring, is he's a frank, straightforward interview, happy to talk about his plans for Independence Day 2 (you can watch that video here), his experience writing Day After Tomorrow when 9/11 happened, and why, as a filmmaker with millions of dollars to do whatever he wants, he chooses disaster movies. You may be surprised to learn that it's not all about the money.

Watch my short, seven and a half minute interview with Emmerich below. If you've ever cheered when you saw a major landmark get destroyed, you'll want to watch this one.

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