Exclusive: National Treasure 3 May Venture Over To Asia And Europe

Jon Turteltaub still isn't ready to say when he and Nic Cage will re-team for National Treasure 3. After all, the two of them just got Sorcerer's Apprentice out in theaters, and Turteltaub is also eyeing the action-adventure film Greenpeace. He isn't sure when National Treasure 3 will fit onto the schedule, but when I talked to him earlier this week about Sorcerer's Apprentice, he did share a scant few details about what the script might have in store-- and how it might not resemble the final movie at all:

There are European elements in the movie, there are Asian elements in the movie. I can tell you based on the first National Treasure that what might be in the script and what ends up in the final movie often has nothing to do with one another. Anything I would tell you now would probably be untrue by the time the movie came out.

Rumors have abounded that National Treasure 3 might venture back over to Europe, but this seems to be the first we've heard that Asia might also be included in Benjamin Gates's next globetrotting adventure-- that is, if the script stays the same. Turteltaub also talked about the differences between the National Treasure films and Sorcerer's Apprentice-- namely that one is based on fact but everyone thinks it's made up, and one is total fantasy:

We got criticized a lot on National Treasure for it feeling fake and all made up. There's so little that's made up in the National Treasure movies. Things people thought we were faking are actual historical truths. We have to be a little bit stricter to the facts on that, whereas the fantasy elements on Sorcerer's Apprentice let us run a little more wild.

We'll have lots more from my interview with Turteltaub later today, in which he talks in depth about his working relationship with Cage is like and reveals what the actor was like when they went to high school together in the 80s. Yeah you know you're going to check back for that. Meanwhile, stick around and we'll have more on National Treasure 3 as soon as it happens.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend