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Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant debuted at Fantastic Fest tonight, to rather positive reaction from most in the audience. More on that along with also rather positive reaction later. For now what you need to know is that, of course, they’ve got the cast locked up for a sequel.

The movie is based on a series of books and so Universal is probably hoping for a franchise. Cirque’s teenage male leads Josh Hutcherson and newcomer Chris Massoglia confirmed to us later in the evening that yep, they’re all signed up for at least Cirque du Freak 2. Hutcherson says they’re “hopefully setting up for the next one as long as this one has great success,” and when asked if he and Massoglia onboard for another movie he confirmed “We’re all set, we’re ready to go.”

Earlier in the evening at the film’s post-viewing Q&A when asked the same questions John C. Reilly made vague, unintelligible rumbling noises which, seemed to indicate that he’s onboard as well though he somehow managed to avoid emitting any actual words which would confirm it. You’d have to have been there. Reilly was fantastic, handling audience questions after the film and seems so enthusiastic about what he’s done that it’s hard to imagine him not being on board for another along with the kids.