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Practically from the moment Chronicle opened in Februar, and surprised a lot of people who didn't expect much from a found footage movie about kids who become super heroes, that film's director Josh Trank has been rumored for something bigger. There was talk of a movie for the Spider-Man villain Venom, and an adaptation of the video game Shadow of the Colossus, but the first rumor we heard turns out to be the truest: Trank is finally, officially set to direct the reboot of Fantastic Four at Fox, according to the news at Deadline.

The report acknowledges that Trank has a lot of other irons in the fire, but says Fox expects Fantastic Four will be his next movie, which means we can probably expect to see some real development very soon. It feels like it's been ages that Trank's name was attached to the project, but rumors of a reboot have gone on even longer, basically since the moment the second Fantastic Four movie was released in 2007 to general indifference and the feeling that they could really do better by the property. Trank is an inspired choice to tackle it, both a fresh voice in the industry and someone who's already proven he puts some real thought into superhero myths, thanks to Chronicle's nifty spin on showing the origin of a super villain.

I'm no comics reader-- and writing this from Comic Con, I know that sounds insane-- so I'm not sure what kind of suggestions to throw out there on where to take the story. But this is where you guys come in-- what do you want to see from a Fantastic Four reboot anyway?