Somebody is Hiding Something in The Sacrament’s Red Band Trailer and Poster
Director Ti West has is one of the more assured voices in modern indie horror, with 2009’s The House of the Devil and 2011’s The Innkeepers proving he can both tell good stories and create a haunting atmosphere for those stories to fit into. His latest film is the faux documentary The Sacrament – don’t call it found footage – and its new red band trailer is a good example of why so many film festival audiences were raving about it at the end of last year. (And for those that weren’t, maybe they’re just in on the conspiracy.)

The Sacrament tells the story of two VICE journalists (AJ Bowen and Kentucker Audley) who set out to find a friend’s missing sister, while also exposing a religious community in the meantime. Eden Parish, run by a mysterious man called Father (Gene Jones), is a self-sustained paradise, or so the gun-toting defenders would have you believe. It turns out some of the parishioners really want to get out of there, but it’ll take more than just a strong reserve to make an escape possible. Drink the Flavor Aid and catch The Sacrament, produced by Eli Roth, in theaters on June 6, and on VOD May 1. Kneel and worship the film’s new poster seen below.

the sacrament poster

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