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Good day, stranglers of all things neckless. Olympics, huh? Sports on ice are no fun until there’s blood involved. Maybe it’s just me, but I think acting out scenes from John Carpenter’s The Thing should be a winter event.

Ridley Scott’s Alien turns 35 this year, and few scenes will ever be as magnificent as that chestbursting sequence. Head over to our sister site to read about all of the goodies planned for the year. In other news, Rob Zombie is shifting gears on his next effort, putting aside Broad Street Bullies, the hockey project he’d been working on for years, to work on an untitled horror film. He says it’s up the alley of Devil’s Rejects fans, but doesn’t go into any specific plotlines. He talks about it and more with New Zealand’s 3news. Hot damn.

Robert kirkman norman reedus
The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Producing Sci-Fi Thriller for Norman Reedus
Creator of the often stellar comic that inspired AMC’s The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman extending his creative reach into cinema, as he’ll produce the upcoming thriller Air for Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. Norman Reedus, the crossbow-wielding Daryl on TWD, will be taking the lead for one of his biggest film roles, joined by Blood Diamond’s Djimon Hounsou, who we’ll all get to know as Korath once Guardians of the Galaxy comes out. It’s the first feature for Chris Pasetto, and was written by the co-writer and lead designer for Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This is quite an interesting bunch.

After a nuclear fallout has left the atmosphere hazardous to life, Reedus and Hounsou are custodians in a cryogenics lab whose hibernating inhabitants are those meant to rebuild the population and establish civilization anew. But their sanity is at stake in such a desolate place, and their own safety within the environment is difficult to maintain. It may not end up straying too heavily into horror, but if it’s psychologically fraught, I’ll end up liking it. I’m completely behind Kirkman carving out his own path through entertainment.
eli roth
Eli Roth Will Knock Knock His Next Feature Out Soon
While I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Eli Roth’s filmography, I admire and respect how closely he sticks to his gore-soaked guns and makes the films he wants to see regardless of what the financial gain will be. As a follow-up to his cannibal tribe thriller The Green Inferno, Roth recently announced he’ll be directing Knock Knock, for which he’ll team with screenwriters Guillermo Amoedo and Nicolás López, who wrote the Roth-produced Aftershock.

According to TheWrap, Knock Knock will take place in the home of a married man who is unexpectedly the victim of two young girls whose seductive motivations will soon ruin his life. It doesn’t immediately sound over-the-top, but I’m betting ample amounts of blood and nudity will put this closer to Audition than something like The Strangers. With a budget just shy of $10 million, the film will open its doors to production in April.
Somebody is Hiding Something in The Sacrament’s Red Band Trailer and Poster
Director Ti West has is one of the more assured voices in modern indie horror, with 2009’s The House of the Devil and 2011’s The Innkeepers proving he can both tell good stories and create a haunting atmosphere for those stories to fit into. His latest film is the faux documentary The Sacrament – don’t call it found footage – and its new red band trailer is a good example of why so many film festival audiences were raving about it at the end of last year. (And for those that weren’t, maybe they’re just in on the conspiracy.)

The Sacrament tells the story of two VICE journalists (AJ Bowen and Kentucker Audley) who set out to find a friend’s missing sister, while also exposing a religious community in the meantime. Eden Parish, run by a mysterious man called Father (Gene Jones), is a self-sustained paradise, or so the gun-toting defenders would have you believe. It turns out some of the parishioners really want to get out of there, but it’ll take more than just a strong reserve to make an escape possible. Drink the Flavor Aid and catch The Sacrament, produced by Eli Roth, in theaters on June 6, and on VOD May 1. Kneel and worship the film’s new poster seen below.

the sacrament poster
Zombies Take Over a French Soccer Match in Goal of the Dead
Though I’m not quite following what’s being said in the trailer for the two-part comedic zombie horror Goal of the Dead, I’m fully on board with bringing splatter effects to the sport of soccer, which I’m not all that fond of watching otherwise. One part of the pic will be directed by Benjamin Rocher, who gave the world 2009’s zombies vs. cops ‘n’ robbers horror The Horde, with Atomik Circus co-director Thierry Poiraud handling the other half.

If you can imagine, this isn’t the most complicated storyline to follow. A French Olympic soccer (football, nyeah) team is playing a match in a small Northern French town on their way to the World Cup. Some kind of a viral epidemic runs rampant through the city, and the body parts start flying. So this isn’t an "undead" zombie movie, but we’re fine with that, so long as it breaks the world record for number of body parts kicked off. There are no specific release dates set just yet, but there is a plan to get it out in a timely manner right around the World Cup in June.
Dutch Teaser for The Pool Dips Toes Into Creepiness
Another trailer in which I have no idea what’s being said. Still, I want to know what’s hiding under that water. The Pool (De Poel) is the feature debut of Chris W. Mitchell, who co-wrote the monster mayhem of last year’s Frankenstein’s Army. After so many years of terrible water-centric flicks with cheesy monsters at their center, it’s nice to see something that could be as unsettling as Jason Voorhees’ decrepit body lying at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

As the trailer shows it, the story follows two families who set up camp illegally in a sectioned off forested area, near a picture perfect pond. Their attempt at peace and quiet is interrupted by the pond itself, which exerts a force that makes it impossible for them to leave. The official synopsis actually says, "Rot and decay strike, and madness follows." There’s nothing here taking point on original ideas, but I’ll remain optimistic. I hope Regina Spektor’s "Genius Next Door" is on the soundtrack.

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