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Will Ferrell To Reunite With Wilson And Vaughn In The Internship

The cast of the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox comedy The Internship already looked like a mini-Wedding Crashers reunion (with a side of Starsky & Hutch), with Owen Wilson and VInce Vaughn set to team up in starring roles. That appears to be even more the case now that Will Ferrell is set to appear in the film, which - between its cast and premise - is already brimming with potential for something really funny.

Directed by Shawn Levy, The Internship stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two salesmen who lose their jobs and attempt to "reinvent" themselves by taking jobs as interns at a tech company, despite the fact that neither of them are tech geniuses. In addition to Vaughn and Wilson, the cast includes Max Minghelia, Rose Byrne, John Goodman, Dylan O'Brien, JoAnna Garcia, Eric Andre, Josh Brener, Tiya Sircar and Tobit Raphael. And Variety is now reporting that Ferrell has agreed to cameo in the comedy as Wilson's brother-in-law, "who sells home electronics and has no problem making inappropriate comments about his attractive customers." Sounds like a role he's fully capable of tackling, though the home electronics thing sounds a bit closer to Vaughn's bag (wasn't that his characters' careers in Old School and Couples Retreat?)

A small dose of Will Ferrell sounds like a great addition for The Internship, not only because of the leads' connections in previous films, but also because it actually sounds like a great part for him. And I can't help but draw a loose parallel between the premise of The Internship and Old School, which starred Vaughn, Ferrell and Luke Wilson, and also involved grown men attempting to move forward by going back to an earlier stage of their lives in some way (in that case, college). Except in that case it was more a social change than it was a career move. Still, it was a great set-up for a comedy. Hopefully we'll see similar success with The Internship.

Coming up for the Campaign star is Three Mississippi, and he has Anchorman 2 set to happen, which will hopefully include (at least) an appearance by Vaughn, who played Wes Mantooth in the original Anchorman.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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