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Ferris Bueller may be making a return... in commercial form, that is. The Super Bowl is always a big event for commercials and from the looks of this ad teaser, Matthew Broderick may be reprising his role as the beloved hooky-playing Ferris Bueller in a commercial set to air the day of the big game.

Coming Soon posted the mysterious teaser below, which is brief and features Broderick in a nice looking bedroom (possibly a hotel?), where he states a very familiar sounding phrase - with one word altered - followed by music that should be just as familiar to those of us who’ve seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off more than a few times (and likely grew up daydreaming of one day having a day off as amazing as Ferris Bueller’s). There's no mistaking the movie referenced, however the date is the only true indication that this is a teaser for something set to take place during the Super Bowl...

The Super Bowl XLVI is set to take place on February 5th (airing on NBC).

Just hearing Broderick’s voice asking us how he can handle work on a day like today has me considering a Ferris Bueller re-watch. In the meantime, as Coming Soon points out, it’s unknown what this commercial is for.

I’m almost convinced by the floral arrangements, the white shades, and what looks like one of those little instruction-cards on the left bedside table, that what we’re looking at is a nice hotel room. Ferris Bueller would make for a good spokesperson for a travel website... Anyone else have any guesses?

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