First Crazy, Stupid, Love Poster And Why Steve Carell Really Needs This To Work

We’ve gotten our hands on the first poster for Crazy, Stupid, Love, Steve Carell’s first movie after his departure from NBC’s The Office. The movie stars Steve as an uptight 40-something whose perfect life is thrown into chaos when he discovers his wife is cheating on him and wants a divorce. He teams up with Ryan Gosling, who tries to play wingman for him in the dating world. Sounds like kind of generic stuff, but I think this could be a good move for Carell. More on that after the poster.

Here’s the first poster for Crazy, Stupid, Love:

Steve Carell really needs this movie to be good. Not just because it’s his first film without the built in support of The Office behind him, but because, well… when was the last time he made something people loved? Steve Carell hasn’t really done anything people truly care about since Little Miss Sunshine in 2006. Since then he’s wandered into a string of forgettable, high-concept, low-delivery comedies. Some of them made money, though not a ton, many of them didn’t. All of them were forgotten the minute they left theaters. Is anyone sitting around rewatching Evan Almighty? Who’s rushing out to buy Dinner for Schmucks on Blu-Ray? No one.

For awhile it seemed like Carell had huge comedic potential. He seemed poised to become the next big, classic, comedy star. He’s still working but it hasn’t really happened. Most of his mediocrity has come in the form of crazy, high-concept comedies like Schmucks in which he was sort of funny even though the movie never worked. So… maybe it’s time he tried something a little more grounded?

There’s enough in this premise that could work, and Carell’s ideally suited to play a lonely, sad sack divorcee. It's characters like that which made us fall in love with him in the first place. Crazy, Stupid, Love could be just what Steve Carell’s post-Office career needs.

Josh Tyler