Yesterday at the big Toy Fair event for Cars 2-- held at the glitzy Chelsea Piers meeting center-- Disney didn't just announce all the snazzy toys they'll be releasing with the film this summer, but introduced two new characters who will play key roles in the film. The character of Italian race car Francesco Bernoulli had shown up online previously, but Disney confirmed for the first time that he'll be voiced by John Turturro. They also introduced the entirely new character of Miles Axlerod (voiced by Eddie Izzard), a former oil baron who now spends his life both researching alternative fuels and hosting the Grand Prix race, which has Lightning McQueen traveling all over the world in the sequel.

The introductions actually happened through a pre-taped message from Cars 2 director and Pixar chief John Lasseter, who describes Turturro's character Bernoulli "completely, wonderfully full of himself" and promised that the movie-- which sees Mater tied up in an international spy operation-- is "not a parody of a spy movie; this is a spy movie."

Check out the two brand-new characters below-- Francesco is the racecar, obviously, while Miles I guess is some kind of SUV-- and come back later today for my interview with Emily Mortimer, who voices the super-spy car Holley Shiftwell. Cars 2 opens June 24 this year.

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