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First Look At Idris Elba In Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim

Today Ridley Scott's much anticipated Alien prequel Prometheus hits theaters, and already Guillermo del Toro's upcoming Pacific Rim is stealing a little of the sci-fi epic's thunder, unveiling a first look at the features' shared star, Idris Elba, in PR battle gear. Check it out below thanks to Total Film Magazine (via Moviehole).

In Prometheus, Elba lends a loads of swagger to ensemble, portraying a cocky spacecraft captain with a charming penchant for playing the accordion. But in Pacific Rim the Luther star is an earth-bound pilot of some massive fighting robots called Jaegers, built to wage war against hordes of Kaiju, monstrous creatures crawling out of the oceans, wreaking havoc on the world.

With the movie not due out until next 2013, Warner Brothers won't likely begin teasing the images of the Jaegers or Kaiju for some time. Instead, they offer us an enticing glance of Elba. Beyond being s shrewd way to capitalize on Prometheus' buzz, this image above also gives a human face to the mysterious monster-stuffed adventure, and a ruggedly handsome one at that.

As an added bonus, del Toro revealed a little about the film's production, telling the magazine:

"When we’re talking about the physicality of the fight, we ended up building several blocks of Hong Kong. And literally demolished them. We built a building and then we took down the buildings. We built command centers of the robots that were the size of the house. We started them on hydraulic rigs that shoot and elevated them and moved them round so you could really get a sense of the physical nature driving a robot like this.”

While del Toro has an incredible gift with CGI—which will definitely be displayed within Pacific Rim—I'm thrilled to hear he's also using practical effects to urge stronger performances from his cast. Already, I've seen and heard enough to make Pacific Rim one of my most-anticipated movies of 2013. But all the same, I'm aching to see more. Show me robots, show me monsters, or at least show me Rinko Kikuchi in her battle attire!

Pacific Rim opens July 12th, 2013.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.