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Last summer, Despicable Me 2 managed to make a name for itself by becoming the highest grossing animated film of 2014. Despite the fact that Frozen wound up taking that crown away during its record breaking theatrical run, the latest entry in the series that gave us the Minions managed to make it a very good summer for those who enjoy the hijinks of diminutive yellow beings of lower intelligence. Which is a good thing, because if that weren't the case, then this trailer for the Minions spinoff would have fallen upon deaf ears, instead of deafening laughter.

Undoubtedly prepared to be attached to this weekend's Big Hero 6, Illumination Entertainment released the first teaser trailer to set up the Gru-less spin off that puts three Minions – Stuart, Kevin, and Bob – at the center of the prequel's plot. What the trailer promises is a journey of discovery for our little friends, as they try to find themselves a new "most despicable master" to serve. Interestingly enough, this is their sole evolutionary function, and if they don't find themselves a new baddie to serve, they'll die out.

Plot aside, the trailer for Minions also shows us that the stand alone film will deliver on that one thing the Minions are best known for: hilariously awkward slapstick, that usually involves someone getting hurt. It's especially funny to see the Minions serving masters like Napoleon, Dracula, and even a Tyrannosaur, in various functions that ultimately leave them unemployed due to their own blundering. It's going to be up to the three new Minions in focus to find a mistress in Sandra Bullock's 60's mega villain, Scarlett Overkill. While we don't see her in this trailer, if her interactions are anything near as funny as the Minions are by themselves, we're going to have a hell of an addition to the Minion canon. After all, Despicable Me 2's laughs were clearly summed up by the film's first teaser, included below.

With 2014 coming to a rapid close, it's time to start looking towards the MVPs of 2015, particularly those that will be competing in what could unofficially be called the Summer of Ultron. Much like its predecessor's performance on the heels of Iron Man 3, Minions should have no problem providing some much needed family oriented counter-programming to the heavier fare that Marvel will be serving up next summer.

Minions will live to serve on the big screen on July 10, 2015.

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