Count me as part of the camp that won't believe Robert Rodriguez is actually making Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. In addition to the fact that it's been seven years since the first film was release, Rodriguez has been promising the sequel for years and has never actually come close to actually starting production, instead distracted by movies like Grindhouse, Machete, Shorts, Shark Boy and Lava Girl and Spy Kids 4D: All The Time In The World. We shall continue to wait for first-look footage from the film to prove that the project is actually moving, but in the meantime we have what appears to be the first teaser poster.

Found over at Stark Industries (via Den of Geek), the one-sheet is exactly what you would expect from material based on a Frank Miller comic. It should be noted that we're not 100% sure that this is real, but even if it isn't it sadly doesn't really prove that the movie is actually happening. Remember these posters for Rodriguez's take on Red Sonja? Check out the Sin City piece below and see it full size over at the source.

Based on the Miller graphic novel of the same name, A Dame To Kill For follows Dwight McCarthy (played by Clive Owen in the original), who gets in serious trouble when an old flame named Ava calls on him for help. While Owen's connection to the sequel is unknown, Rodriguez has confirmed that he has spoken with both Rosario Dawson and Mickey Rourke about reprising their roles of Gail and Marv, respectively.

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