Alita Producer Offers Another Hopeful Update About A Sequel, And Sign Me Up

Alita posed at the starting line in Motorball gear in Alita: Battle Angel.
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The fanbase behind Alita: Battle Angel’s continued presence in the media are always on the lookout for news pertaining to the film’s long hoped-for sequel. As the new movie release Avatar: The Way of Water has seen producer Jon Landau making the rounds, the press have been asking him some questions about where things stand with that potential project. On the heels of Landau’s recent hopeful Alita update, some more information has come out in yet another interview, and you can sign me up for this flick now!

Speaking with, Jon Landau was asked if the potential sequel to director Robert Rodriguez’s anime adaptation is any closer to happening. Keeping hope alive, the producer of both Alita and Avatar had this to say on the proposed project: 

Robert [Rodriguez] and I had a conversation about it two weeks ago. We're very excited about that prospect. Alita is is a movie that even now having recently like re-watched it for what we had, we're really proud of that movie. And we think that there are more stories to tell with her character and that's why we want to go back to it.

While there’s still no new time frame for the potentially titled Alita: Fallen Angel, we have a little more insight into what that recent conversation between Jon Landau and Robert Rodriguez entailed. Pride for that 2019  action/adventure flick is high, as always, and there are already more stories that are ready to go, should the producers receive the green light for more entries in this would-be franchise.

Between the 600-page treatment James Cameron wrote for Alita: Battle Angel, and part of the plan always involving Alita’s Motorball career, sequels were always in mind for this fictional universe. An entire trilogy was laid out from the first frame, but Robert Rodriguez created an ending to Alita that teases the future while providing a satisfying closure. So whether a follow-up happens or not, the story feels complete in its own way.

That being said, Jon Landau, Robert Rodriguez, and even Rosa Salazar herself aren’t quite satisfied with leaving the story where it currently sits. It’s something the fans and creatives alike can agree on, which could align the stars for a second installment sooner rather than later. Hope still springs eternal, and the crusade to return to Iron City and beyond has only just begun. 

If you’re an Alita: Battle Angel fan with a Hulu subscription, then you shouldn’t stand by and let your chance to revisit the film pass. As it was recently added to the Hulu library after absent from subscription-based streaming services for some time, there’s always the possibility that good viewing numbers would only build the case for a sequel all the stronger. 

Which also means that if you have even a passing interest in Avatar: The Way of Water, you should head out to a theater near you starting on December 16 and boost that film as well. As that property has always been the creative sibling to Alita, a win for James Cameron could be a win for Iron City.

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