Five Minute Clip Of The Sorcerer's Apprentice Features The First Training Scene

On Monday we got to see four minutes of footage from the upcoming The Sorcerer's Apprentice. One of the videos featured was the first meeting between Balthazar (Nicolas Cage) and a young Dave (Jake Cherry), where Balthazar confirms that young kid is destined to become a great sorcerer. Now, thanks to Yahoo!, we have now have that entire scene.

While I still maintain high-hopes for this film, the clip starts off too creepy for words. You have a dirty Nic Cage who is doing his best to calm down an obviously nervous kid. So what does he do? He magically closes the doors and stops Dave dead in his tracks. There are multiple stories just like this popping up in the news everyday, only they involve a different and much worse definition of "magic tricks." We can only hope that Cage doesn't give off the same vibe throughout the film, but until then, check out the five minute clip below (or in HD over at Yahoo!)

Eric Eisenberg
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