Polarizing filmmaker Noah Baumbach has only made six movies in the last fifteen years; so, with his current flick Greenberg just now rounding up award nominations, it was widely assumed details of his next project wouldn't trickle out for some time. Wrong. Turns out the Squid And The Whale director is already casting for his newest effort.

According to NY Mag, the film will be titled While We're Young, and it will follow a documentary filmmaker, his wife and the younger couple that convinces them to loosen up. Ben Stiller will play the filmmaker while James Franco will take up the younger man role. Those two have signed on, but offers are still being mulled over for the other two leads. One has reportedly been offered to Cate Blanchette who has some scheduling problems, and the other has been offered to Stiller's Greenberg co-star Greta Gerwig, who may or may not accept.

Rumor has it the older female role was written for Baumbach's wife Jennifer Jason Leigh, but divorce has a funny way of severing professional ties. Too bad. No disrespect to Cate Blanchette who is a lovely actress, but Jennifer Jason Leigh is simply brilliant.

We'll let know if and when the two ladies officially commit, as well as dates for production to begin.

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