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Once again we have Twitter to thank for a bit of breaking news we might not have learned about otherwise. Platinum Dunes head Brad Fuller was asked by a fan on his Twitter account about the status of a sequel for Friday the 13th, the 2009 reboot that didn't exactly reinvent the horror genre, but made a healthy $65 million and garnered immedate talk of a sequel.

But Fuller had bad news for Jason devotees-- "It is dead, not happening" he said of the sequel. Bloody Disgusting got in touch for further clarification, and he gave them a simple "Right now there is no movement on Friday the 13th: Part 2." The news is surprising given Friday the 13th's significant box office success, but even more so given that Platinum Dunes is bowing yet another classic horror remake, A Nightmare on Elm Street at the end of this month. Did they decide to focus their attention on the Jackie Earle Haley franchise and leave Jason alone? Or is this just a case of the kind of studio economics that are invisible to those of us on the outside. Don't count on learning much more-- usually when projects die in the dark like this, it's the last we ever hear about them.

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