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Gad Frozen

Fandango recently surveyed more than a thousand Frozen Sing-A-Long ticket-buyers and found that 40% of them picked Olaf the snowman as their favorite character in the movie. If the people who attended the Sing-A-Long at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood this Sunday were in agreement with that assessment, it's likely that they were extremely pleased by the surprise appearance of Josh Gad at the event. Voice of the adorable snowman, Gad took the stage to thank the fans for knowing the words to the songs and encouraged them to sing especially loud during his song, "In Summer."

The video below includes some B-roll footage of the event. The first half shows fans belting out Elsa's "Let it Go" with gusto. And then toward the end of the video, you'll see Gad's part...

Our own Kristy Puchko attended a different screening of the Frozen Sing-A-Long event and published this GIF Review during which she admits to being a "teary mess" by the end of Elsa's "Let it Go." Given that I found myself reaching for the tissues just watching the above video, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have been able to get through the sing-a-long with dry eyes. Especially hearing the little kids singing along so enthusiastically. Too adorable and completely too much for those of us who get inexplicably weepy over powerful, emotional musical numbers in movies.


Gad's appearance at the El Capitan screening must have been a real treat for the El Capitan audience. It's not hard to guess why people love Olaf so much. He's so funny and Gad's voice adds a layer of amusement and innocence that really makes the character lovable, especially when he obliviously sings about how glorious summer will be in "In Summer"...

Disney's marketing has been top notch for this movie, not only in getting people excited about it when it first released back in November, but in keeping the (snow)ball rolling in the months that have followed as word-of-mouth and awards buzz has continued to keep the film among some of the top weekend grossers. Among Disney Animations' efforts is the Sing-A-Long event and they've also posted some great Olaf videos to YouTube, including the most recent one, which showed up just in time for Super Bowl Sunday and shows Kristoff and Olaf trying to play football...

I'm no football expert, but that's a field goal right?

Between the Sing-A-Long, the Oscar buzz for the film and Best Original Song, and the approaching digital release of the movie, the momentum for the film should carry fans' interest right to the March-set Blu-ray launch.

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