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Frozen Is The New Title For Disney's Snow Queen Movie, Not Pixar's Dinosaur Project

Just a little while ago a report came out that said Pixar had decided to name their previous untitled dinosaur project Frozen. The only problem is that the news didn't make a whole lot of sense. The movie is about a world in which dinosaurs weren't killed by a giant asteroid and lived on to co-exists with humans. The only way that Frozen would fit in with that is if the movie were set during the Ice Ace, but that would be a bit iffy considering that one of the most popular animated franchises going is about just that (Ice Age, just in case you were confused). So the most recent news that has emerged makes a whole lot more sense.

Turns out that Frozen isn't a Pixar movie at all, but rather a new, possibly 2D-animated, film out of Walt Disney Animation. According to Bleeding Cool, the confusion stems from the fact that the new project is set to be released on November 27th, 2013, which was the old release date for the dinosaur movie (which is now in limbo release date-wise). In reality, Frozen is an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, which the studio has been trying to get made for years now without any luck (the image at the top of this story is concept art from a few years ago). The 2D animation thing is up in the air, as the site's source recently responded to questioning about the format by saying, “Don’t put your name to that…not quite yet.”

In this case the title Frozen makes perfect sense. In addition to the fact that "Snow" and "Frozen" are two words that dovetail nicely, Disney pulled a similar move in 2010 for Tangled, changing the name from Rapunzel so that they wouldn't alienate male members of the audience (which worked like gangbusters). So basically today we learn that the Pixar dinosaur movie is still happening, but doesn't have a title, while Disney is developing a cool new project called Frozen. Sounds like good news all around.

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