Gerard Butler May Replace Russell Crowe In Star Is Born Remake

The last news we got on the planned Star is Born remake came from Russell Crowe, who has been rumored for a while now to play the role of the aging actor who falls for a younger up-and-coming star. Crowe said earlier this month that he was still on board but Beyonce had dropped out, but now The Los Angeles Times is hearing pretty much the opposite-- Beyonce is still in, but Crowe may be replaced.

It's not clear if the talk of replacements is coming up because of Robin Hood's mediocre box office performance or if Crowe just isn't all that interested any more, but the name that's coming up is an interesting one: Gerard Butler. Butler is only 12 years older than Beyonce, and doesn't seem quite capable of playing the "broken down piece of meat" kind of character that Kris Kristofferson and James Mason brought to previous incarnations of the character. Then again, this is Hollywood-- no one is ever allowed to actually be unattractive.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend