Gerard Butler Replaces Liam Hemsworth For Sci-Fi Thriller The Raven

Let us take a moment to celebrate the fact that it has been six months since Gerard Butler released the [expletive deleted] that was Playing for Keeps, and he doesn’t have any romantic comedies lined up for the future either. That’s relief you’re feeling, everyone. Who cares if Olympus Has Fallen wasn’t the best movie ever? It was not an embarrassment, and that's what counts.

Now Butler is hoping to keep the relative winning streak alive, currently in negotiations to take over the lead role in Universal’s sci-fi action flick The Raven, based on the short film directed by Ricardo de Montreuil, who is also directing the full-length feature. Butler is replacing Liam Hemsworth, who was attached to star in the film last month. While Universal has owned the rights to the short since 2010, it has been a long journey getting it to an actual pre-production process, and production company Gold Circle has signed on to co-finance the film, which is a good sign that it might actually get made at some point.

The short showcases special effects over story, but it’s still an exciting 6 minutes of watching a guy with strange telekinetic powers hiding from the law in a future that sees autonomous drones flying through the sky, connected to a huge mothership hovering above the city. It’s Big Brother and Skynet’s baby boy, and the titular Raven will do anything to not get caught. The effects are really impressive, though there’s no telling where an extension of this story will take people. If nothing else, it needs a name change before it makes it to theaters, as we’ve barely gotten over that other film with the same name.

And beyond running a lot and making cars fly around, Butler is set to star in the soccer drama Dynamo and the motion-captured war drama Thunder Run. He’ll be heard in the upcoming DreamWorks Animation sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2.

For those who haven’t seen the high-octane chase showcased in The Raven, you can check it out below.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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