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This past weekend, while interviewing the legendary comedy director/producer Ivan Reitman, I learned two interesting facts about Ghostbusters 3: 1) virtually everything we think we know, both about the casting and the story, is wrong, and 2) the script has only recently been completed and a copy was recently sent to Bill Murray. Why is Murray only recently getting a script the issue? Because the man also known as Peter Venkman has been the most outspoken member of the group against the project. But the bigger issue at hand is the fact that a Ghostbusters 3 doesn't happen without Murray's involvement.

Deadline has gotten word that regardless of how strong the script is or how much the other members of the group want to make it, if Murray turns down the project Sony will put a kibosh on the entire deal. According to an unnamed source, the studio plans on giving the film a $150 million budget, but no trigger is being pulled until Murray says that he will be involved.

In all of the Ghostbusters 3 vs. Bill Murray talk, something very important seems to have gotten lost in the mix and that's Murray's love of the first film. You don't go to the 2010 Scream Awards in Peter Venkman's uniform if you regret the film in which you first wore it. This is a case of Murray not liking Ghostbusters 2 and deciding to be more careful with how he chooses properties. He's not going to take the script and immediately put it through the shredder. If he likes the script he'll do it; if he doesn't, he won't. That's all there is to it.

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