Is a movie reference book a good gift?
I used to get one of movie index books each year when I was a kid. It was my bible. Any time i couldn't place an actor or needed info on a movie, I referred to it. But in the age of the internet, where there are whole websites that offer movie details, while these books are still around, they're not especially useful or convenient as a reference guide by comparison. Of course, for movie lovers who hate the internet, they're not a bad idea, so there's always that exception.

The alternative to such a gift - if you're determined to get a movie fan a book - might be something like The New York Times Guide To The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made, which in addition to serving as a movie index of some beloved movies, also includes the uncut, original reviews for the listed films. It was published in 2004, so it's becoming a bit dated and it's still more of a novelty item, but it's something that would be fun for a movie fan to thumb through. This might be a good idea for the movie fan you don't know that well.

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